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Warranty Policy

For customers

  • Customers Who Buy Online our Products are automatically eligible For Warranty, no need to be register for warranty
  • We offer Warranty type is seller, so If any repair of bag, go to that seller from you purchase, no need to go for any service centre
  • Warranty Should be registered within 24 hours of Purchase
  • For registration of warranty click here
  • Registration message include- Your Name,Seller Name/ Location and a Bag Picture
  • Washable Warranty is Valid agaist Washable products only, For see washable products list, click here
  • Customers Check their warranty status here after 24 hours of warranty registration
  • If you will not see your warranty here, then contact us here
  • We Will arranged a Call/Message To our Customers After 6 Month Warranty Period for Feedback Purpose

For Distributors/ Sellers

  • We offer Warranty type is seller, so,Seller will never deny for warranty given by us.
  • Two Methods Of Warranty Registration
    • Dealers/Seller Maintain a list i.e. Customer Name(Required), EMail Id or Contact Number(Required),Bag Picture(Required). and send to us.
    • If Seller donot take any responsibility ,then its customer responsibility to register for warranty
  • If customer will bring thier bag in warranty period, its seller/ Distributor responsibilty to repair this
  • Washable Warranty is Valid agaist Washable products only, For see washable products list, click here, Its seller responsibity to check Washable warranty
  • If Customers Repair their bag and expense occur to distributor/ Seller , they maintain a list, In which they write Customer's Name(Required), Contact No.(Required), Email Id (if any), Problem in Bag(Required), Total Expense occur on Repair(Required)
  • We will confirm from customers for verification, after this all amount occur on expenses should be disbursed on weekly Basis, Kindly note, If it found that seller/distributor charge any amount from customer as well as claim from us, then ten repair list amount will be lost.
  • We use Customer number for Promotional Basis, We will not disclose any Price and seller information etc. to customer
  • Distributor/Seller send us repair list on our E-Mail id or Whatsapp
  • For further query, click here
  • Distributor/ Seller will also got a message of their customers, to whom we given warranty for future refrence, also check the warranty status of customers here

Distributor/Seller/Customers checks their warranty status online here or our android App here

We have reserve the right to change in warranty policy any time, But we cannot change in warranty period, even we extend in warranty period of customers.


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